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Battery Alert!

Never Get Caught With A Low Battery!

Have you ever pulled your phone out of your pocket, only to find that you barely have any battery power left? Or even worse, your battery had died and you didn't notice, leaving phone calls and messages unanswered!


Ease your mind with Battery Alert! Battery Alert is a simple app specifically designed to ensure you always know when your battery needs a little extra juice. When its warning threshold is met, it will play your chosen sound in the background, even if your device is doing something else or locked and in your pocket. When the alert threshold is met, the app will play your chosen alert notice, alerting you to recharge the device or it will shortly power off.


If you have other requests for alert sounds to be included in the app, please feel free to email our support address!




  • Sound alerts play in the background and let you know when your battery is low or near dead.
  • The main screen displays a green/yellow/red color stoplight and provides the currently reported battery state. This app is not meant to be used in the foreground. Unlike other apps which try to tell you how many minutes you have left, Battery Alert waits patiently in the background to alert you when your battery is low.
  • Configure your settings to determine when and which alerts are played.


++ NOTE: This app cannot autostart.  You must run Battery Alert at least once after powering on the device to receive your notices.  It is possible for certain events, such as low memory conditions, to cause Battery Alert to close itself without user action. We have made every effort to design the app in a way that will keep it alive. Battery Alert uses very little memory and does not do anything in the background under normal conditions. However, there is a possibility that your notice will not be delivered. ++

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